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Session #009 - ...You mean your right hand comes off?

About Session #009

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Hey folks,

Shawn here. I'll be playing Leon Kennedy! After a few days into the community, I've grown to appreciate what Kara and Rhéa are doing around here. This place has potential and both Kara and Rhéa are great role players! :) I hope one day I'll meet you all. For now, I'm showing the latest session between Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong.

Session #009
The plot (thus far): This session takes place two days after Leon and Ada hit it off. Now, more questions arise and Leon wants to find some answers after Ada makes a surprising appearance in his room.
The players: ada_wong, mr_leon
Anything else?: After the fling, Leon begins to think it's going too fast and the feeling of love is too confusing. The fact that love is complete trust leads Leon into fear of it all. Trying to really tell her his feelings, he attempts to get to know Ada on more personal level as well.

mr_leon: Footfalls thickened as the pace was slowing down at the corner of the curb. A brush of gentle wind rubbed against a smooth cheek, erupting with a pleasance of feeling. Hair was pushed back for the slightest moment as crystalline orbs wandered the streets of the city in a city close by the capital of the Old World. Mouth was agape. Floods upon floods of people gathered the streets made of collective, separate concrete blocks. Something that withstood differently that of the American states. Leon's posture was hunched as he leaned against a random wall that accepted his thick, coated shoulders. A brief case suited the vacancy of his right hand. Shades were pushed upward on the bridge of his nose. There was a whisper within the air, foreign, unknown. A call for help perhaps. Something too inaudible for the mind to understand, to comprehend. A randomness, a trivial pursuit with an ending that would leave you seldomly depressed yet satisfied all at the same time. A small taxi's engine roared to a stop just by that same convenient curb Leon was standing at. Lips were licked, cold as the wind progressed over them. Eyes blinked although invisible to the party of the naked eye, cloaked in mysterious yet artificial question. A window was opened at the passenger's seat, a man with a gruff voice spoke in easy French. Leon responded "À la rue de Dublin". Granted, this would take him to the street of his rented flat. A sigh approached his lips, an inevitable sigh which he promised never to make. He tossed his briefcase into the back seat and hopped in. The vehicle roared back to life and sent the two toward Dublin Street.

When he came to, fingers were shoved into the metal door in abusing fashion to open. Grasping the briefcase nearby, he stepped out and toward the building just before him. Eyes batted through the chaotic winds erupting. Storm brewing. The skies were tortured with the fearful gaze of darkness. He walked into the main room and thus walked the steps to his room. The hall welcomed with the light that it created. Weak hand was forced up to penetrate the keyhole with the key itself. Home or something like it. A dream that was once intangible came to life but the consequence of an ongoing nightmare which beckoned him.

ada_wong: The kitchen was dimly lit by a ceiling fan that spun around, squeaking with each completion of its three hundred and sixty degree turn. The refrigerator was old and it hummed along with the fan, the two noises blurring into a listless one.

Directly under the fan, sat one Ada Wong. Dressed in a figure fitting red dress with floral prints, she had one leg jutting out to the side and displaying a 9mm. Her back was to the door and consequently him; she was staring at the tap. It was dripping and if faucets could cry and look said, it looked sad and it was crying.

That was just the type of mood she was in. Personifying her emotions in inanimate objects.

mr_leon: The door was opened by the touch of a finger. Submissively, the mahogony was pushed inward thus allowing him entrance of his own place. As soon as he walked through the main door, there was an utter silence in which he begged to be destroyed. He desired for his heart to lose the involuntary beatings of life. A figure within his vision, almost wishing in some way he was hoping it was someone else other than assuming and accepting the truth. The silence progressed and he moved inside, listening to the fan as well. After a stopping of feet, he kicked the door closed behind him. He walked up just behind her but then stopped a few feet short - mindlessly tossing the briefcase on the bed that was flawlessly made up of thick wool overtop tempting satin. His heart was beating tremendously hard now within its fleshly cave. Hands were free. A view of her bare leg made him glance for a moment, to steal a look of lust. And then nothing more. He wanted to hate her and love her at the same time. "I didn't know I could be so accommodating for you." It was obvious sarcasm. He did not look into her eyes. He pushed through the room and onto the couch where he sat, cross-legged. He strung his fingers into his temples and nearly ripped at his hair. Disgusted - satisfying - betrayed by his own heart - loving it. You don't know what you want. The appearance of her was obviously unwanted.

ada_wong: "Well hello to you, too," she said.

Then with a sudden, cat-like movement, she rose out of the chair. Her stilletto heels hit the tiled floor with a calculated click every time she took a step. Precise, elegant, and rising above the noise of the appliances; each click spoke of confidence, spoke of grace.

They did not speak of insecurity. She was good at hiding that. Very good.

She bit her lower lip, paced around a bit. The door to the fridge was opened and then closed; he was a loner and a male, the only contents his the humming beast had was sour milk and an onion.

She didn't make eye contact with him.

mr_leon: Fingers traced down his cheeks in utter contemplation. His legs dangled in such limber motion. He pressed his body into the couch. Gritting his teeth lightly, he almost feel over. She moved in calm steps and he allowed himself to elbow the cushion just beside him. In a soft tone of tiredness and impatience, "What is it that you want? Small talk is unfortunately a top killer in society these days." With nothing more to say, he left it up to her as the facts were gradually but surely occurring, it was just due time for the clock to be cracked. Upper appendages stopped their will at pushing himself back up in a sitting position. Oh, I wonder what it's like to smoke my life away. He glanced back up at her as she paced and roamed the trespassing floors.

ada_wong: "Should I go?"

She stopped pacing, a sudden halt with a jerking movement unlike her usually graceful ones; a look was cast in his direction then taken immediately back. In the morning, he had been begging her to stay and she hadn't listened; with the tables reversed, a bitter taste was left in her throat. It was almost acidic and she kept swallowing to no avail.

She went back to looking at the sink and its dripping faucet as the silence took its hold over the two.

mr_leon: Strength helped with this case of stance. He pulled himself back up as he stood. He lowered his countenance only to look back at her and then looked away; it was almost too bearable to see the way she is now. She's here now and that's all that matters. Or is it? Soft feet enveloped in black, casual shoes. His feet never made a sound as he nearly ascended toward her on another level of love, of mystery, of passion. His arms opened as if he was accept her into his body.

She stood there almost as if to accept anything. He walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her tight, smooth midsection underneath sensual appealing dress. He leaned his chin on her shoulder weakly, breathing into her ear. He whispered a wish into her ear, but there was no time for it. He wanted to apologize for his feelings, for his inner hatred of confusion. Although words couldn't express it. Let me know you. Let me become one with you. His nose lightly traced her ear lobe unhesitatingly, whispering the words he soon forgotten to ever ask, "Tell me what you are."

ada_wong: She didn't respond; their heartbeats were now louder than the kitchen's dichotomy of noises, the tension so thick in the air it could be sliced.

Along with the tension was love, fear, hate, confusion, and hurt. It lingered, it hung over them as did the evening's past events. It was all there and not a word had to be said because every part of them remembered everything that had taken place in the six years they'd known each other.

There were a million ways the question could be answered, technical, deep, evasive, bitterly, but all she said was, "I'm yours." Simple, sweet, and avoidant.

She did not tack on for the time being.

Then she said, "I'm sorry."

mr_leon: Eyes closed as he didn't need them. The feeling of her skin, the brushing of her hair along his cheek and nose, as if he was happier just be growing closer. He was frozen in a world with her in it. And she stood there, calm, relaxed, loving, wanting, everything for him. What do I want? He blew into her ear softly, almost without the words to express it sexually. He pressed into her and remained motionless. "I don't know what to feel. When I'm close to you, I feel like I don't need to go anywhere else. I am powerless." I've never seen you smile.

He began to sway with her in a dance without the tune of a piece of music. What I want, I cannot have. His lips carried his love through the only artificial touch to signify it. A light kiss was made on a bare shoulder. "What is real? You and I?"

ada_wong: She didn't feel evil when she was with him and it was, to some extent, as simple as that. When she was with Wesker, it was there, the badness and darkness, and it was always there; eating, devouring, boring a hole in her heart and very being. In front of the mirror many times she would stand, a question begging an answer as her eyes stared at her reflection: who am I?

And who she was at the end of it all was something remain to be seen. Graceful, unattainable, withdrawn; a smile never crossed her lips and she did not know why even when, for the first time in her life, her heart skipped a few beats feeling his lips brush against her shoulder.

Still no smile, but she wasn't tense and she leaned against him in the kitchen. She thought she might even love him, might even be able to fight against Umbrella for him, and it was a sudden thought--an honest thought--that hit her as her eyes were closed behind those trademarked sunglasses.

"Reality is usually harsher than this."

Then: "I don't want to leave."

mr_leon: He found it hard enough for his lips to leave her shoulder. Her smell, the intoxicating sweetness travelled his nostrils, his mind, his lungs, and his heart. Another kiss and involuntarily, his hands were wandering places even he knew he should have stopped from doing. Or did it really matter anymore. What's done is done. Feed to the pool. These urges he couldn't stop. It was male beast inside him that did indeed seek and devour. His fingers stopped at her hips and he looked up and stared into the direction in front of the two. "Then tell me about you. Tell me everything. I need to know." I must.

His hair mixed with her luscious jet black. He whimpered so softly, it was too hard to hear. He pulled himself from her at last and stared at her, that facelessness. Staring at her back. How she looked so angelic now. But what was in her mind, Leon couldn't ever figure out if his life depended on it.

ada_wong: Silence once more, her hands meeting his on her hips; her fingers intertwining with his. She leaned back into him a little more, taking a deep breath and recognizing his aftershave.

"When I was little, my mother used to cook large Chinese dinners every Friday when I came home from school."

Irrelevant, random, but somehow meaningful. An opening, a crack for him to work his way into her life. Into her past and then into her present and then into her future.

Or he could throw it away with lust; could forget the details and fall with her, could let her escape the truth, escape it all.

She brushed her leg against his.

mr_leon: Her words made him speechless and he only wanted to hear more from her. This was perhaps the first time she's ever mentioned something about herself. It was almost . . amazing. He nodded his head whether or not she recognized his understanding and wished she kept going. His leg rubbed back into hers, allowing her to approach him that way. He wanted it yet wanted to stop at the same time. He wanted to know Ada. Actually, "A family . ." He nodded in her hair again.

Now he was growing weak in his legs and desired a seat, maybe on the couch once more. He brought her along for the ride as his fingers remained on her hips and accompanied her in her walk with him over to the couch. "Family members who loved you . ." He sat down next to her and comforted her just as much as the couch did on her back. An arm sneaked around and looped her waist.

ada_wong: The couch was cozy and she let herself fall back into it. It reminded her of home, a feeling of unconditional warmth and security. It'd been so long since she'd had a home, since she'd felt the feeling; it'd been so long, maybe too long.

Her slender hand went up to the sunglasses, slowly taking them off. She played with them as she cleared her throat, as she turned a little to him allowing him to see something she rarely did: her eyes, brown and deep with a slight bit of emotion, a pausible ounce of nostalgia mixed with something else.

"I had a sister. She was two years older. My parents came from China. In China they were rich, in America they were middle class."

Then she said, "I went to college at Columbia."

And then she said, words falling out now, random facts and statements, "I met John at Columbia. This was before Wesker, before Umbrella. I was eighteen, a Sophomore."

mr_leon: The sun's light grew naturally dim as the hours passed by the day. As Leon's eyes grew away from Ada, he peered out into the streets of the city. The artificial lights brightened the earthly man-made grounds. Her voice struck in such natural, comfortable sincerity that he's never felt before. It was her, the woman behind the beautiful eyes, the hair that draped the sides of her perfect cheekbones. Her words pulled him into the sky of white clouds, afloat.

He glanced back at her in silence, nodding to himself. He leant back into the couch and cant his head briefly as he studied her lips in motion. How it stunned him that she spoke from her heart, his own heart almost stopped a beat short to comprehend the willingness to speak about herself for the first time. "Columbia . ." He whispered the sweet word almost at the same tone she spoke.

A free hand of his brushed at her bangs, at the strands of perfectly combed jet black hair. She smelt so fine.

ada_wong: She paused, the words didn't come as freely now; they had been built up before, a dam waiting to burst and flood, but now they had and there were no more. How did she explain the situation with Wesker, the Raccoon City incident?

She didn't know whether to tell him nothing or everything and she knew the words for neither. She followed his eyes to the window, watched at the lights turn on as the sun fell behind the skyscrapers in complete silence.

Then she broke it.

"It's hard to talk about the past."

mr_leon: He tugged his right arm that was about her into a tight squeeze playfully. Stroking the surface of her hair peacefully. He respected the moment of silence between them and took a long breath, he looked into her eyes. The eyes of truth which he never really looked within. At that moment, he was already lost in them. "You came here tonight . . " He stopped almost hesitantly, but almost not sure whether to complete the sentence.

" . . I have all the time in the world for you." He leaned in and hugged her once again. I want to listen to you and your life. He sat down there quiet, almost wanting to snuggle the side of her but was hesitant to do so.

ada_wong: "John was a few years older so he got out. Was immediately hired by Umbrella and that's when, well, Wesker approached me for the first time."

She stared down at the wooden floor and then back to him, a slight sigh escaping her lips. A finger was raised and she touched his face gently with it, tracing down his jawline slowly as if to outline it and eternalize it.

She let her hand fall off down to his lap and she kept looking at him.

"I was young and stupid," she said.

mr_leon: Her hand fell in his lap at the lightest touch. His eyes wouldn't falter to glance back into her steadied placement on his. After a moment without words, he looked off and back at the wall as if in some sort of ponder. A vacant hand was lowered as the thumb was gently rubbing along her forearm; each finger running down to the small wrist and retrieve it in a slow and gradual performance of a warmth grasp. Leon studied her eyes and broke away, glancing downward to the touching hands. Indeed a heightened sense of temperature between them. Fingers would battle against one another in obvious playful domination. A smile graced his lips as the rush of dirty brown bangs swung back down at his right cheek. "The past might not be worth living again, but it certainly can't be forgotten." The pink tongue strolled from between his closed lips at smooth touch, teeth would chew at it.

Don't be afraid. He touched her as if he just located a stranded puppy without a home. A child's palm gracing the surface with loving touch of a sad dog. Leon found his hand holding the side of Ada's neck in comfort, in protection, in passion for another.

ada_wong: She leaned in, a few of her bangs falling into eyes as she did so; lips were placed on his, a slight kiss, a quick kiss, and then she pulled back so as not to get lost in the moment, to forget what she was going to tell him. For once she had someone who wanted to hear what she had to say, someone she wanted to tell everything to.

"I thought I was going to die when I fell back in Raccoon City. You have no idea what it feels like to just fall."

But in a way she knew the statement was incorrect because he was falling now, falling into something akin to a black hole of oblivion. To love Ada Wong was to be consumed, to have to fight with every inch of your being. It was dangerous.

The sun had set now and the city lights were faint, glowing orbs from the window's view.

mr_leon: When their lips touched, it was a moment of salvation. His upper limbs remained inactive, almost weak, and almost inoperable. Eyes slowly opened after a brief seclusion of body. A stolen kiss, a rightful kiss, a kiss that made him feel alive. Though soon enough it was broken, shattered from the clenches of simply stopping. He felt his heart again. Then she spoke the words of that fateful time in his life.

He was holding onto her so tightly. Letting her go, he knew he would lose her forever. And she was better than that. He shook his head in defiance. No! You'll make it. Just hold on! He almost wept when it happened. Thinking at that single abrupt time, a tear left his eye and fell on her cheek. It lit her face up. Leon gasped as she grew tired in his arms. A falling love, without the attempt of loving back. It felt earth shattering. "Just let me go."

How could it be? His strength was no longer. He cried when their hands left and her body descended into a darkness that devoured her fully. He screamed his love through undecipherable anguish.

A tear ran down his cheek as Ada sat there next to him, and he didn't know it at first. He moved his hand up to brush it away.

ada_wong: The tear was noticed, but nothing said about it. A slender finger lifted to brush another one that was on the verge of falling and the hand it belonged to fell back to his lap slowly.

"Of all the things I don't like about my lifestyle, the biggest one is that I let go. I loved you and I let go. I failed."

Her eyes went from unreadable to sad for a split second, a few blinks securing her eyes back to their enigmatic state.

"And because Wesker saved me from death, I owed my life to him; I helped him, I did everything he said."

mr_leon: His eye lids were working over his blue eyes. He moved his hands back down to his sides. He sighed. On an odd level, he felt totally secure with her, whether she was completely trustworthy or not. He just wanted someone to hold. Someone to take the pain away. Someone to take him away from this world and show him an absolute new one. What's the bother.

"Consider this a second chance not too many people have. There is no guarantee for a third." He moved and pushed forward and nearly forced his face into the corner of her neck and shoulder line. His lips wanted to cling onto her skin, to peck away at the smooth skin. Their chests touched. Bodies battled against breath. Love is so confusing.

Wesker . . After all this, Leon kept in the silence. His lips didn't both budging from her neck. He took short slow breaths, nostrils flaring lightly as the exhaling nearly tickled the surface of her upper shoulder.

ada_wong: She didn't mention how she was scared about falling again, about ruining the second chance that took place six years. How afraid she was of being pulled back into Wesker's grasp, of doing evil things.

She didn't mention it because she didn't want to ruin the moment, or any moment with him, and so she ran her hands through his hair playfully before pushing his head up a bit and kissed him, this time not pulling away.

She closed her eyes to prevent them from betraying her worries.

mr_leon: As they touched again, they were nearly together as one being. In unison, their lips battled, roamed, wandered, conquered, intertwined. Flesh fought and struggled, his arm came up and looped as a palm suctioned on the back of her head, stroking the hair. He wanted it. The feeling to escape this world and walk the endless heavens with her at his side was too much to desire. Pull yourself together. Love isn't without trust. Trust isn't without love. Needing something to keep him intact, this was the only way. His tongue pressed forward, wanting to delve into her mouth and wrestle her own. Between breath, he could only respond with an unimaginable finish. "I . . " He sucked her lips, gathering such ecstacy of caress.

"I . ."

ada_wong: She kept kissing him, the kisses growing sloppy and careless; an inability to completely focus, a lack of desire to focus. Focusing would lead to more talking, a lapse in passion. Between the breaths, she heard him attempt to start a sentence only before being cut off with another meshing of their mouths.

Finally she pulled away, panting a little for breath, and saying: "You?"

mr_leon: He left her lips as looked at her. His fingers wrapped and locked around hers. He had to look straight into her eyes. He bit down on his bottom lip, after gently licking his separated ones. He paused and completed his contemplation over the matter.

Leon tightened his hands on hers as passionate as hands could touch. "I don't know how to ultimately feel about you." It was the hardest thing he could have ever said. Now he disappointed her. Words always left a harsh note, whether they came out nicely or not. He let her hands go and sunk back. Awaiting to be pushed away, to be neglected, to be left. A state of freeze. Then a hint of a frown at his own answer.

ada_wong: She didn't say anything in reply, but the words stung. Cold, calm, unphased; the foreign Ada, the fake Ada was returning. The emotionless Ada, the professional Ada.

Her hands remained in his and her eyes looked at him, but at the same time looked through him. At the window, at the dark streets. When he let her hands go she took them back, reclaiming them as hers rather than theirs and looking to the floor.

"I see."

She probably deserved it.

mr_leon: What have you done? Shaking his head, he abruptly stood up from his seating, looked around fiercely. Within a few seconds, his hands clamped upon a vase that stood on a stoned pedestal and chunked it across the room like a football. "GAH!!" He exclaimed to the chambers of the room, it nearly echoed. Almost hurt his own ears. The vase sailed and shattered over the wooden door and golden laced knob. Pieces lay scattered in an ocean of torment. Leon stared at the vase on the floor. His head went upward. Gritting as his teeth so angrily - he fell to the floor on his knees, dazed. Palms flat, fingers extended for support. Hunched over, he wasn't looking at Ada anymore. The tears resumed but for only a short notice until he slammed his hand into the ground, over, and over, stopping until his hand throbbed with pain. Lost again. You always were a fool.

"You hate me."

ada_wong: She lost it right there.

Right then.

The cool was gone.

She stood up suddenly; standing, moving, walking around with no real direction. It was too fast to be pacing. She didn't even look at him, just stalked to the window. Pressed her hands against the window, looked out. Angerily almost. All the people outside had normal lives, had people who trusted them.

"I hate you? I love you, I've always loved you."

It was so unfair, it was so hard. Why was everything so hard?

mr_leon: He stood there, in his pile of sadness and regret. The words obviously harmed her and he couldn't explain himself anymore. His fingers etched into the carpeted floor where he was hunched over. Eyes nearly rolling from direction to direction, aimlessly glancing, now in total fear of what she was thinking. "I love you . ." He paused as he stood back up to his feet. Leon deserved the cold steel chamber at his temple, he deserved a bullet to the brain, to lead him from this misery of love. This sort of love.

". . but love means total trust. Total honesty. Total . . obedience . . for each other." He suppose that was the right wording. He scratched at his face, wondering what she was thinking. He led himself toward the closed off balcony. The glass sliding doors were opened and he pushed himself into the night, staring at the skies ignited by the illuminous, isolated stars of the night. Love isn't anything else. His elbows dug into the slick, banister edge. Whether she came to the balcony with him was up to her. The answer would tell him what sort of love she wanted with him.

ada_wong: A minute passed then two. To stay or not to leave that was the question.

And she almost did it, she almost walked to the other door, almost left, but then realized she couldn't. She couldn't leave, not like that. She couldn't cut him out of her life no matter if it would be for the better. Her heart wouldn't let her.

So the faint clicking of heels were heard and a step through the door and she was outside where he was; she walked up next to him, put her hands on the banister. It was cold to the touch.

"Then tell me what to do."

mr_leon: He didn't turn to look at her, only thought more upon the subject at hand. A slight gesture of wind arose from the night's darkness that consumed them both except for the help of the lights that helped preserve sight around and about the city.

At last, he turned to her. Leon brushed her hair away from her face and stroked her cheek. He thumbed her lips at the slightest and swallowed. "Leave your affiliated role with Wesker." Leon didn't know what Wesker wanted Ada for. Did she even know why Wesker wanted her alive? Did they have feelings for each other as well? That couldn't be it . . It could be manipulation. But why Ada? Before she could interrupt, "He's only using you to get the job done. Nothing more. I don't even understand why you're doing this."

ada_wong: Leaving Albert Wesker and never looking back. Was that possible, could it become a reality?

"What would I do, live with you here?"

A bitterness almost, a resentment because she couldn't do that. How could she go back to a life she'd left six years ago--life without fear, life without worries.

And the fear. It was so real, it was there, it ate at her all the time. Gnawing. Growing. If she left Wesker, he would hunt her down, wouldn't he? Kill Leon, kill her--or maybe keep her alive. Maybe kill him in front of her. Sadistic, sick; something horrible, something unimaginable.

"He'd kill one of us."

mr_leon: He was silent, in such a deep effort of thought and struggling to compromise with a woman who he could not positively understand at the fullest effort. His hands gripped the side of the banister and his head lowered simultaneously. He couldn't answer, but he had to in regard. "I won't let that happen."

He looked at her shortly and closed in the distance. Desiring fingers touched her wrist, extending toward her forearm - stroking, sincere. "I'll finish this." He growled under his breath and looked away, heading back toward the room in silence thereafter.

ada_wong: "Wait," she said, moving after him as he walked back inside, the warm indoor air hitting her freezing flesh. "I'll do it."

He had stopped.

She pulled the slit of her dress a little to the side and fumbled with her holster, taking it off her thigh and revealing a lot of her leg in the process. She put it on the coffee table. Then she reached into the upper part of her dress, pulling out a combat knife. She put that on the table too, a dull clunk as the metal blade fell against the wooden surface.

She took the sunglasses off too and added them to the pile.

"I'll do it for you."

mr_leon: He paused in that instant, an answer he would have never assumed to come out of the mouth of Ada Wong in a lifetime. It almost seemed unhesitant, fearless. A daredevil who had everything to lose yet put it on the line in a single instant without looking back. "You'd do it?"

Leon watched as she put everything out on the table Her words felt strong and intimidating, yet real. He neared her as he put his hands around her biceps, groping softly. "Really?"

Leon's eyes flashed, almost providing a sparkle of alternate color. "What will you do?" He could almost answer it himself but he was hoping she had another conclusion.

ada_wong: She reached down, pulled off her heels and lost two inches in height as result. A set of thuds as they met the table's surface together.

Her eyes looked bold, fierce almost. Her body language was proud, strong despite the loss of height. She had decided something and there was no going back. She would walk away and probably die in the process because no one walked away from Albert Wesker.

"If I haven't overstayed my welcome...I could stay with you."

mr_leon: His ears couldn't understand the strength and power these words bestowed. She was stern, confident, maybe crazy. Love was certainly unpredictable and for this account, it was different. Leon's fingers would unravel from their tight, restricted palms to smother and cover the warmth of Ada's arms at the same time in a scratching fashion. "We'll do it." He found his eyes only caught with hers for the time being. Almost infectious. The contagiousness of her beautiful countenance was beaming in his direction. He pulled her close and sighed in her ear. Not quite sure if this was some sort of suicide mission in which he suggested. Intimidated on his part, he attempted not to show that weakness. The strength came elsewhere. Somewhere he couldn't pin point.

"We'll do it together." He whispered the words as he hugged and clung to a body in which felt temporarily his, temporarily desiring. But for how long would this go? Was she truly telling him the truth?

ada_wong: She didn't hug him back at first, but soon her arms wrapped around him and her face pushed up against his shoulder. She wanted to be safe, she wanted to believe that he could protect her, but safety was elusive given her actions of leaving Wesker and his plans to bring Umbrella back to life.

She was going to do it, she knew that. What would happen next she didn't know, however.

And so she asked.

"What comes next?"

mr_leon: That was a good question. Something Leon couldn't answer right away. His head lowered as his chin rested softly on the top of Ada's cranium. He closed his eyes tightly, thinking. He began to feel himself being hugged tighter more than ever. "Where is Wesker now?" That's something that ought to be expressed right from the start. If this was really what she wanted, perhaps beginning to tell Leon things was a great way to show her faithfulness.

The idea of something happening to Ada Wong, something threatening, something fateful, Leon couldn't register how he would feel. At last, the hug faded. Arms would unlock the tight clenches of skin. Bodies would part from their calm lenience upon one another. Just how powerful is Wesker?

The thought of just abandoning their lives as they are together could not work in the slightest. Ones would be tracked down by the unknown, and devoured by the leading men of the underworld.

ada_wong: "His main headquarters is in Germany. He's not in D.C. now, he left for his homeland earlier today. I was there when he did."

She wished the hug hadn't ended so soon, but didn't say anything. Her arms folded across her chest, a makeshift way of comforting herself. She looked at him, cleared her throat, and finally said words she didn't want to say with eyes on the floor.

"I was supposed to kill you tonight......and then get a jet to take me back to Berlin."

mr_leon: The words she spoke was just as fatal as a bullet through his heart. Eyes widened in silent response as she kept her head low, without glancing up to him. He stepped back once again and looked down as well. A hand came to rest on his hip and then he walked over to the window of painted darkness. The stars were of the only remaining solar radiance. The rest were of usual man-made ray. Nostrils flared in upsetting contempt. But he shook it away. He viewed her as she stood there, almost sorry for what she came here for. "So Wesker still puts his confidence in you, thinking you could actually do it."

His heart beat faster than usual. The sound echoing from its cage to the distances of his ear drums. He felt like hugging her again, taking her into his arms and remaining there in a hold of passion. Only, he found himself turn around to the window once more.

ada_wong: "It was a test."

A bitter laugh followed with a slight shake of her head; Wesker's assignment, his exact words, coming back to her. Kill Leon Kennedy. Go to his house and kill him.

"Anyone else, I would have done that. He knows that. But that wasn't enough for him, nothing is enough for him; six years ago I failed him and he hasn't forgotten. Krauser was on the mission with me back there to make sure I didn't help you out then."

She sighed and then continued speaking: "Because I helped you out though and he knew I helped you out, he realized my feelings from Raccoon City weren't completely gone and it's not as though he trusted me much before, but his trust was completely dissolved then."

"The only problem was I couldn't do it. I've had my chances, I could have killed you while you slept, but..."

A slight frown, a slight look of self-loathing.

"...I love you and so...I failed again."

mr_leon: "Then tell me, Ada, what Wesker's plan is or was to keep you around then. He could have found anyone else but you. You were still lurking by his shoulder and you still obeyed him. However, you played with your own rules when you were on your mission." Leon felt upset and tiresome of the feeling of hurt and betrayal. Weaknesses, advantages, manipulation. How did love get thrown into the mix?

He bit on his lip and rubbed his fingertips along the dusty sil that was nearly a few inches away from him. "Did Wesker ever express why he still needed you when I lost you six years ago . . ?" He didn't expect an answer. But he would certainly love one. For the six years, the feeling faded to the point of coldness and hate when he found out Ada was indeed alive and working with the side in which he lived for to destroy. But every time Leon sees her face, there's always this feeling that she'll never leave his heart.

ada_wong: "I was supposed to die on that mission."

Then she bit her lip, her arms still crossed feigning a pissed off stance.

"You just killed Krauser before he could kill me. Krauser planned to kill me and then you and Wesker knew; Wesker just didn't really care. The only problem was he let the past get in the way and went for you first instead and you killed him. Krauser didn't see that coming."

"And with Krauser dead, I was a valuable asset to the company because I was the only one who could get a sample."

She walked to the bathroom, rummaging through his medicine cabinet and grabbing a bottle of Ibuprofen. Her head had a dull throb from thinking about all of this, matters of life and death. Why couldn't he just trust her. Why couldn't he just realize she was throwing everything away for him?

She popped the pills, choking three of them down.

mr_leon: As soon as she left the main area for the bathroom, he followed just closely nearby. As she swallowed the pills, he leaned against the wall, very curious. He brought his arms up and twisted them over his chest. Eyes rushed over her completely, in worry. "Will you be okay?"

He lowered his head as there was a silence between them and he understood that he was possibly bringing back too much for her and there's just so much someone can take. Shaking his head as he spoke once more, "I'm sorry if bringing up the past for you is still somewhat traumatizing. But our past is the only reason why we're existing right now in this room. Our past is the reason why you haven't killed me yet. Our past is why you love me."

Palms were brought up as he crushed his palms over his rough jawline and chin for a rub.

ada_wong: "Yeah, somewhat traumatizing..."

Her barefoot padded against the wooden floor as she walked out of the bathroom, brushing against him as she did so. At some point, during all she'd said to him, she'd realized how meaningless she was to Wesker. How he'd probably sent her on this mission knowing she'd fail. How even if she didn't fail, even if she did kill him, he'd probably just reward her by killing her.

She sighed. Then finally,"Am I staying here tonight?"

mr_leon: As she went by him, he gathered to take the step back and pivoted with his right foot. The weight was brought from his left leg over to his right. Arms were still crossed over his chest, and he leaned his head to the side, in help of touching the wall next to him. "That's primarily up to you, Ada." He found himself walking through the obstacles of mystery and intrigue. As much as Ada expressed about herself, she was still leaving a lot out. But that was just her. He wished he knew everything about her. Her past or at least the past she claimed seemed pleasant and peaceful at a level, which he wanted to hear. Perhaps she would say more in due time, perhaps not.

Feet stopped just behind her as arms loops around her waist again. He bowed his head down as he found his lips puckering to give a kiss upon her bare neck, whether she accepted that an invite to stay or a farewell for the evening. "You're always welcome."

ada_wong: She gave a nod, indicating the understanding of the invite as well as her acceptance before pulling away.

"No more serious talk for the night, handsome?"

If she'd been a kid, she would have crossed her fingers and prayed to a God she didn’t believe in for his answer to be no, but she was no longer a kid and so she just stood there somewhat solemnly, looking at him.

mr_leon: He nodded in response as well. "No more serious talk." A gentle curl of his lips made an almost appealing soft smile at the corner of his mouth. Then he walked down the hall and into the room where his bed was. At once, a hand came down and pressed on the thick covering. Pulling it down, it revealed the smooth satin underneath, almost flawless without a wrinkle. It gave off a coldness, but a coldness which would leave one comfortable within its confines. His light shirt was thrown off, revealing a dark tanktop and visible tanned arms. A curled finger easily turned on the fan just above the bed by the switch on the wall. He yawned only biting his tongue in the meantime to stop from completely that abrupt motion of opened lips.

ada_wong: She followed him to the bedroom and stood in the doorway as he prepared the bed, allowing a small yawn to escape. She then shed the red dress, revealing a pink slip, and hit the light as he got in.
She quietly got in, not bothering to ask if he’d rather she slept on the couch. She knew he didn’t mind.
And in the back of her mind, before she fell asleep and before she felt his arm slip around her, it occurred to her that this might just be the last night of sleep she’d ever get.
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