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Session #010. - ...You mean your right hand comes off?

About Session #010.

Previous Entry Session #010. Feb. 26th, 2005 @ 09:52 pm Next Entry
The plot (thus far): N/A -- This is a pre-game occurance, while Claire is still in Colorado.
The players: mr_leon, claire_redfield
Anything else?: Language is mildly bad, mostly from Claire. This is an IM conversation between the two.

Claire Zombie (5:56:25 PM): Hellohihowareyou--OMIGOD LEON. Guess what?
LKennedy04 (5:56:50 PM): Claire! What a pleasant surprise.
Claire Zombie (5:57:17 PM): Yeah, yeah, yeah, GUESS WHAT, Leon!! Go on! Guess! I dare you to guess.
LKennedy04 (5:57:28 PM): You found a boyfriend.
Claire Zombie (5:58:29 PM): ...no. Well... no. No! I turned an ex-boyfriend gay though! Go me. Go freaking me!
LKennedy04 (5:59:26 PM): And . . that's it?
LKennedy04 (6:00:06 PM): You brought me at a disappointing high.
Claire Zombie (6:00:55 PM): Oh, gee, I'm soooooo sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Bond.
Claire Zombie (6:01:16 PM): So, like, what are you doing? Preparing to stop some evil guy with a cat fetish?
LKennedy04 (6:01:35 PM): The difference between me and Mr. Bond is that I don't have 37 STDs.
LKennedy04 (6:02:13 PM): What I'm doing is confidential. Or is it?!
Claire Zombie (6:03:11 PM): It's always confidential!! I bet you're playing Solitaire and eating donuts and getting blubbery, aren't you?
LKennedy04 (6:04:16 PM): If you're buying them, I'm eating them. Sometimes, games make the hours go by.
Claire Zombie (6:04:40 PM): Aw, is the special agent bored?
Claire Zombie (6:05:03 PM): C'mon, with all those high powered computers, surely you can find some good pr0n or something.
LKennedy04 (6:05:38 PM): Me? Porn? C'mon, you know I don't need that sort of thing.
Claire Zombie (6:07:00 PM): Yes, you with all your hordes of women. How is your love life these days anyway? Please tell me the sock has been abandoned for a real girl?
Claire Zombie (6:07:41 PM): BRB you perv
LKennedy04 (6:08:14 PM): My love life. That's a real story. Maybe I'll write that up as a cover story sometime. -- Get back while the clock is ticking!
Claire Zombie (6:11:36 PM): Can you even be a journalist, Kennedy? Yeah, yeah, sorry about that, Chris is here and he nearly broke my goddamn kitchen table.
LKennedy04 (6:12:05 PM): What's he up to now?
Claire Zombie (6:12:54 PM): He said my ceiling fan is annoying him and came to replace it with some retarded..... clear fan thing. He fell. Well, the fan fell on him.
Claire Zombie (6:13:09 PM): He's okay though, you know that the man can take a beating.
LKennedy04 (6:13:59 PM): He could escape hired men after him in the past, but couldn't save his life from a ceiling fan. How ironic.
Claire Zombie (6:15:07 PM): SERIOUSLY. So, like, stop being a prick, prick, and tell me how your life is. And with details, please. I'll be honest, I've been worried.
LKennedy04 (6:16:19 PM): You really should stop worrying about me, Claire. All that matters is that I'm here right now. Sounds like my stress is more of a burden for you than it is for me.
Claire Zombie (6:16:42 PM): Ahha! So you are stressing about something. Talk!
Claire Zombie (6:16:53 PM): Or... type, I mean.
LKennedy04 (6:18:30 PM): Just been under some heavy working hours in the evening. Planning to save the world maybe again; whatever happens. When was the last time we spoke anyway?
Claire Zombie (6:19:44 PM): Changing the subject I see. It's been a while. Like... over a year since we've used a phone to talk, even. Mostly because you keep hanging up on me because you don't know how to use call waiting.
LKennedy04 (6:20:25 PM): It's never on purpose.
Claire Zombie (6:21:30 PM): I believe you. You're just technology stupid, even though you're like a big top secret agent for some sort of agency you won't even name and stuff.
LKennedy04 signed off at 6:21:58 PM.
LKennedy04 signed on at 6:21:58 PM.
LKennedy04 (6:22:10 PM): Whoops. I must be technologically stupid there . .
Claire Zombie (6:22:33 PM): Hahahahahahahaha--smartass. WB, regardless.
LKennedy04 (6:23:10 PM): Thanks. It was a shocker for that split second I was gone, you know it.
Claire Zombie (6:23:39 PM): My heart stopped and I lost my vision, and I just had no idea how I would live!
LKennedy04 (6:24:23 PM): It's impossible for Claire to move on. I already realize your deniable love for me.
Claire Zombie (6:25:38 PM): Deniable for sure. So, when's the last time you visited a hospital?
LKennedy04 (6:26:41 PM): When was the last time I visited a hospital? Why?
Claire Zombie (6:27:25 PM): I want to know if you're fresh out or whatnot. So I can bitch at you for working or not! Since you can't take care of yourself. I swear to God...
LKennedy04 (6:28:12 PM): I'm sure I can take care of myself. Have to learn how to become your own medic, sometimes.
Claire Zombie (6:28:27 PM): DON'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT
Claire Zombie (6:28:33 PM): You're okay, RIGHT?
LKennedy04 (6:29:06 PM): Of course, I am. It would be raining if I wasn't.
Claire Zombie (6:29:49 PM): Your wit astounds me, Leon-san. Please, teach me to be so witty as you.
LKennedy04 (6:31:21 PM): This is why we're meant to be together. [Yoda] The smartassness is strong with this one, mmhm.[/Yoda]
Claire Zombie (6:32:41 PM): I hear a gong sound in the distance. Excuse me while I use the Force to levitate my cyber foot up your cyber ass. Sheesh, do I have to call your mother?
LKennedy04 (6:33:49 PM): Aside from the joke, tell me how you are, otherwise.
Claire Zombie (6:35:55 PM): Bad relationships aside, I'm quite well. Ya know, I bought a cat. Best. investment. ever. She totally gives the best conversation.
LKennedy04 (6:36:51 PM): What's the cat's name?
Claire Zombie (6:37:09 PM): Boopsie!
Claire Zombie (6:37:23 PM): Annnd Chris fell again
LKennedy04 (6:37:50 PM): I don't know whether to frown or smile.
Claire Zombie (6:38:42 PM): Actually, that's the temporary name. Think I'd name a gorgeous Siamese boopsie? I save those pet names for my hordes of flashing victims.
LKennedy04 (6:39:35 PM): I'd like a dog.
Claire Zombie (6:39:47 PM): A dog?
LKennedy04 (6:39:49 PM): One of those that foam at the mouth and bark at anyone.
LKennedy04 (6:40:07 PM): It shows how much he loves me.
Claire Zombie (6:40:30 PM): The hell? Are you painting without ventillation again?
LKennedy04 (6:41:05 PM): I'd call him Mr. Snugglies.
Claire Zombie (6:41:37 PM): LOLOL Omigod. Leon. Shut up.
LKennedy04 (6:42:17 PM): So why are you online on this fine day? I would have thought you'd be hitting the dance floors.
LKennedy04 (6:42:50 PM): brb phone.
Claire Zombie (6:43:25 PM): Mr. Snugglies.......
Meh, long story.
Okay, don't take too long either!
LKennedy04 is idle at 6:52:57 PM.
LKennedy04 is no longer idle at 7:00:47 PM.
LKennedy04 (7:01:38 PM): Forgive me. An official under the President was wondering if we could make an arrangement regarding . . fast food.
Claire Zombie (7:02:18 PM): You are such a dork. Does this mean you have to flee from your idolization time of me?
LKennedy04 (7:02:32 PM): Not anymore.
LKennedy04 (7:02:47 PM): I am all yours, like I always was.
Claire Zombie (7:03:23 PM): I am like...so honored...a tear is in my eye...
Claire Zombie (7:03:32 PM): Oh, wait, that's my contact.
LKennedy04 (7:03:52 PM): Maybe you should get a new prescription.
Claire Zombie (7:04:31 PM): Seriously. I shot at some dude yesterday and hit his friend. And he wasn't even running.
Claire Zombie (7:04:57 PM): But his friend totally deserved it, because they were breaking into some old lady's apartment. SO DON'T JUDGE ME.
Claire Zombie (7:05:03 PM): Ahem.
LKennedy04 (7:06:07 PM): Doing your own dirty work? I didn't know you had it in you.
Claire Zombie (7:07:56 PM): Shut up. Totally. I'm like gunless now because you know they hafta take it away for a while when you shoot someone. I mean, I hit him in the ass, what's the big deal? Some people.
LKennedy04 (7:08:38 PM): So, why did you shoot someone?
LKennedy04 (7:08:51 PM): Did they fire back?
Claire Zombie (7:09:27 PM): Yes. But that's okay, I was able to take them both out. They're serial burglars. Or were. In jail now. Woot!
Claire Zombie (7:09:41 PM): Let me try to be happy.
LKennedy04 (7:10:49 PM): I'm sure Chris had some things to say about that.
Claire Zombie (7:11:15 PM): Chris doesn't know. It was in the line of duty and all that.
LKennedy04 (7:11:38 PM): You plan to tell him, right?
Claire Zombie (7:12:09 PM): Hell no! He's got friends down there, will try to convince them to stick me on desk duty after this week.
LKennedy04 (7:13:56 PM): What weapon did you use? I'm so interested now.
Claire Zombie (7:15:54 PM): When did this turn into a discussion about me? ... I used my .40. They have my baby, Leon. My sweet 35, they took it.
LKennedy04 (7:18:30 PM): Claire? Giving up her precious? That's like taking candy from a baby, but this time, the baby takes the thief and tosses him into the wall.
Claire Zombie (7:21:12 PM): It would be like taking your .50, Leelee. I'm so in a case of distress, you don't understand. I have to wait until Monday to get it back. So I hope you're going to be on a lot, or else I'm E-Mailing the crap out of you.
LKennedy04 (7:22:14 PM): You really need a boyfriend.
Claire Zombie (7:22:34 PM): I've had my fill of those guys after this last one for a while. And no, not the gay one.
Claire Zombie (7:22:50 PM): But thanks for the suggestion, Lee.
LKennedy04 (7:24:02 PM): Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. Emotions are a bummer.
Claire Zombie (7:25:28 PM): Hah, well, that, and Chris said he'd murder this last one if he came near me again. God I love that clumsy bastard. He's fallen two more times.
LKennedy04 (7:26:21 PM): Maybe I should stay away too, if you know what I mean. ;)
Claire Zombie (7:27:51 PM): You're so funny. Nah, this guy was some sorta control freak. I mean like Wesker but... not. Had about the same philosophy about women too. lkdjflksjf GOD

gah he fell on boospiue!!!!!1
LKennedy04 (7:29:31 PM): Who fell on Boospiueueuueu?
Claire Zombie (7:29:56 PM): NOT FUNNY
Claire Zombie (7:29:59 PM): My poor kitty
Claire Zombie (7:30:07 PM): shes all angry
LKennedy04 (7:30:15 PM): They have nine lives, don't worry.
Claire Zombie (7:30:54 PM): Smartass. She would flip you off if she had enough toes. Now she's gotta lay in my lap and recuperate.
Claire Zombie (7:31:32 PM): HEY, remember that one time?
LKennedy04 (7:31:52 PM): Uh, what?
Claire Zombie (7:32:07 PM): Yeah, that one time we did that thing at that place!
LKennedy04 (7:32:21 PM): How can I forget?
Claire Zombie (7:32:51 PM): Wasn't it fun? We totally should do that again.
Claire Zombie (7:33:04 PM): But excluding that one thing.
LKennedy04 (7:33:51 PM): What thing?! I can't . . remember.
LKennedy04 (7:33:54 PM): Ahem.
Claire Zombie (7:35:36 PM): One word to job your memory: Porn store in New Orleans.
Claire Zombie (7:35:44 PM): ...okay, so that's more than one word.
Claire Zombie (7:35:47 PM): Whatever.
LKennedy04 (7:36:21 PM): Hahaha. Of course I remember that.
Claire Zombie (7:37:07 PM): Totally need to do that again. The clerk was so freaked out! Hell, we just need to get together sometime soon. It's been too long.
LKennedy04 (7:38:18 PM): I'll try to add you to my booked schedule.
Claire Zombie (7:38:53 PM): Bullshit, I'm better than anything you have to do.
LKennedy04 (7:39:41 PM): You're right. We need to see each other again.
Claire Zombie (7:40:12 PM): And that way I can make sure you are as alright as you claim.
LKennedy04 (7:41:07 PM): You know, worrying takes years off from your life.
Claire Zombie (7:41:31 PM): Then I'm gonna die when I'm 30 with how I worry about your ass.
Claire Zombie (7:42:10 PM): What kills me is I know nothing about your work.
LKennedy04 (7:42:46 PM): I honestly don't know what I can tell you.
LKennedy04 (7:42:53 PM): Maybe I'll write a book on it someday.
Claire Zombie (7:43:47 PM): Or maybe you'll never say a thing, and die in some mysterious way, and I'll never know because they'll never tell anyone. They'll just say you went MIA.
LKennedy04 (7:44:50 PM): One of these days I'll tell you. Perhaps better in person rather than online; I don't trust these things.
Claire Zombie (7:45:27 PM): I know. I don't either. But in the meantime, I'll just continue to worry. You know how I feel about this stuff, don't you?
LKennedy04 (7:46:26 PM): The same as how much I worry about you.
Claire Zombie (7:46:53 PM): Don't worry about me though. You can't afford to worry about me.
LKennedy04 (7:47:11 PM): And you can?
Claire Zombie (7:47:29 PM): Yes. That's my job.
LKennedy04 (7:47:45 PM): It shouldn't be.
Claire Zombie (7:48:46 PM): You're one of few people I trust with my life. I can't offer much in return but to worry if you'll be okay between now and the next time we talk. Call it freaky, obsessive, whatever. Don't care.
LKennedy04 (7:49:57 PM): Friends love each other. That's what.
LKennedy04 (7:51:33 PM): And don't tell me not to worry about you. Because even if those are your words, they're words which the mind barricades. Feelings cannot be controlled.
Claire Zombie (7:53:22 PM): But I don't want you to be worried about me. Even if you say it can't be controlled. I know you don't wanna hear this, but I'm not worth the effort to worry about. You have better things to put your mind on, like your job.
LKennedy04 (7:56:42 PM): Why do you keep putting yourself down like this? You're not worth being worried about? Goddamnit, Claire. You know what? I've always thought about you. Whether or not you were there, there were thoughts. Random thoughts. What is Claire doing now? Is she happy? Don't ever tell me to not worry for you.
LKennedy04 (7:59:00 PM): How can I be a friend without worrying about your well-being? That isn't possible.
Claire Zombie (7:59:42 PM): I'm sorry. I guess... I don't know... I haven't... I haven't done anything to deserve Leon Scott Kennedy's worry. Or anyone else's. I guess that's what it is.
LKennedy04 (8:01:09 PM): That's why we're different from other species. Because when someone dies, we mourn for them. Humans have emotions and unfortunately, worry is thrown into the mix. Tell me not to worry, and I will worry.
Claire Zombie (8:02:14 PM): It hurts to worry so much. I don't want people feeling the way I do every damn day. Especially not you, Leon.
Claire Zombie (8:03:11 PM): Not that I don't appreciate it of course, but... damn.
LKennedy04 (8:05:44 PM): I won't tell you to stop worrying, because you will, anyway. You have no idea how much you are to me. Certain people stick out when they're considered best friends. Maybe I'm not one anymore to you since I don't even see your face anymore.
Claire Zombie (8:11:25 PM): Leon... listen... I'm sorry. I don't know what to say... you know I'm not good with that... I guess... except it is very hard for me to trust anyone these days. You're the only friend I have. I want to protect you, you know? Tell you to not worry for me, but let me worry for you, because then you won't have anything weighing on your shoulders.
Claire Zombie (8:12:08 PM): That's why I hardly tell you about my life anymore. No top secret information, just... trying to not let you worry. There are more important matters.
LKennedy04 (8:13:37 PM): Look, I have to go real soon. But why don't we arrange a meeting sometime?
Claire Zombie (8:14:25 PM): Sure. You have my number, give me a call? Whenever you want, too.
LKennedy04 (8:14:59 PM): I miss you.
Claire Zombie (8:16:18 PM): Yeah... me too. We definitely need to get together... if even for a day or something... it'd do some good.
Claire Zombie (8:16:24 PM): We bicker too much...
LKennedy04 (8:17:19 PM): Ah, now I'm getting emotional. Look what you made Leon do! :-p
Claire Zombie (8:21:03 PM): I'm sorry. Here, I'll make it better: OMG SHUT UP AND STOP BEING PRISSY
LKennedy04 (8:21:54 PM): Thanks. That's just as good as a hug.
Claire Zombie (8:22:18 PM): I'm sure you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.
LKennedy04 (8:23:13 PM): I guess I needed it.
Claire Zombie (8:24:12 PM): ................Can I call you Leelee, Leelee? I like Leelee for you. I want to say "Goodnight, Leelee", Leelee.
LKennedy04 (8:24:55 PM): Why Leelee? Why not Leo? Or Scotty? Or Mr. Kennedy?!
Claire Zombie (8:25:18 PM): Because Leelee sounds so feminine and you're such a pretty, pretty boy.
LKennedy04 (8:26:00 PM): Whatever's charming to you, you can call me anything.
Claire Zombie (8:26:48 PM): Great! So that means whenever I come to visit you, or vice versa, I can scream "LEELEE! I'M OVER HERE! Leeeeelee!!" Right?
LKennedy04 (8:27:26 PM): Make me a shirt, while you're at it, so I don't forget who I am.
Claire Zombie (8:27:59 PM): Oh! It'd be pink. With gold letters.
Claire Zombie (8:28:10 PM): Nice and tight on you too.
LKennedy04 (8:28:20 PM): All the more for the stroking.
Claire Zombie (8:28:52 PM): I forgot, do you wear buttless chaps? I know a place here that could make matching ones for the shirt.
Claire Zombie (8:28:58 PM): A cowboy hat too.
LKennedy04 (8:29:40 PM): You might want to ask Chris. I better go before he beats me up. I need that beauty sleep you know.
Claire Zombie (8:30:43 PM): Yes, we don't want your pretty face getting wrinkles. Drop me a line sometime, or at least send me an EM, okay?
LKennedy04 (8:30:56 PM): Will do.
Claire Zombie (8:31:44 PM): Good. You sleep tight, Leelee-boo.
LKennedy04 (8:31:57 PM): You just wait until I figure out a nickname for you.
LKennedy04 (8:32:01 PM): Over and out.
LKennedy04 signed off at 8:32:04 PM.
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