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New Cast List - ...You mean your right hand comes off?

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You'll probably notice some differences.

I will be beginning recasting and casting for those of us carrying an insane amount of character weight shortly. Even promising at least one active night a week will keep you sufficiently active to keep your position. We're ALL busy. School, work... I work full time just like many people do, and I have a lot of obligations outside of this RP, both on and off this computer (one of which includes physical ailment). I can still manage at least three-four nights of dedication, so one night isn't too much to ask.

People applying with the recommendation of current players are more likely to be accepted than not. They still need to apply, of course, but if say ada_wong tells me they're good, I'm going to be more likely to merely skim the profile and accept. But please, make sure the people you recommend are willing to be fully active and committed. (I've learned people pulling school, work, and about five RPs on top of a ton of other things can remain decently active, so I'm showing little mercy now. This is not to offend anyone, but this is to be fair to those that actually put in time here.)

And again, once all canon character slots are billed by committed and fully active individuals, the option of original characters will open up, however be warned that it will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to pass by with an original character. If I see a Sue or Stu, I will not accept. If I see the character is a clone, I will not accept. But, that's for another time.

Moderator (Duh)

PS: Happy late Valentine's Day--OOOOOH.
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Date:February 15th, 2005 09:41 pm (UTC)
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. :-*
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