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Session #008. P.1 - Second Side - ...You mean your right hand comes off?

About Session #008. P.1 - Second Side

Previous Entry Session #008. P.1 - Second Side Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 09:51 pm Next Entry
First Side - Leon, Ada, Claire, Sherry
Second Side - Billy, Jill, AWESOME ANTAGONIST (*coughs* Note: this antagonist will make appearances in the other sides as well)
Third Side: -pending-

The plot [thus far]: Three hours or so after Billy shoved Jill into his trunk, he decides to let her out. (And yeah, there is a point. See the following.)
The players: jill_valentine_, claire_redfield (as billycoen)
Anything else?: This is more Jill and Billy getting used to one another. It's actually much larger than this, but I broke it in half as 1) it would be insanely long if I didn't, 2) I know ada_wong at least wants to cut to the chase and see the main antagonist of this story kick into gear. That's part two of this, so you'll hafta wait until I format it. Should be sometime tomorrow. Oh, and some facts may be a LITTLE off, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. Thanks to my East Coast friends.

billycoen: The banging and annoying squeals coming from Billy's trunk only a few hours into the drive had begun to piss him the hell off. Glancing at the clock on his dash, it was reading 12:42 AM. Of course, that was Colorado time, because he forgot to switch over to East Coast time. In reality, it was a dismal 3:42 AM, and outside the rain had turned to sleet; did it even rain that time of year? Goddamn East Coast. If there had to be weird weather, that was the place... He was driving slow, not only because it was a barren piece of highway, but because the longer he took, the more frustrated he could make her--payback for what she was doing to him.

She needed to go to the restroom. She could hold it. But... what if she really was having female problems?

Billy cringed. He once sat in a car driving his partner home from a party night she had in Aspen and had to listen to her the entire way about that. At one point, she had pulled a tampon out and began to explain how it worked and even offered to give a demonstration.

But she was drunk and fell asleep before that was an issue. Jill Valentine, however, was not. So he submitted. He decided to find the nearest store, park far enough away so people wouldn't see Jill getting out of the trunk, and escort her in to the restroom.

Last thing he needed was for her to run. His partner would be pissed.

jill_valentine_: Jill felt terrible. She knew that the only way to get him to take any notice was to cause a ruckus, and the bastard had been ignoring her for hours. She felt sick, cramped up in the back with her aspirin worn off and the tearing cramps starting up yet again. Usually she knew, even out on the job, to take a tablet as soon as the other one wore off so this didn't happen. They last 6 hours, she'd taken the last one 9 hours ago. All she needed was water, tablets and certainly a bathroom break.

"C'mon you asshole..."

billycoen: Finally, after locating a gas station/store that seemed pretty small, and therefore would have little traffic, especially that time of night, Billy pulled into the parking area and stopped the car under some trees. Even though their branches had lost their leaves several months ago, they provided enough shade from street lamps to help conceal him opening the trunk. The moon wasn't an issue, as the entire sky was clouded over with dark clouds, slightly light polluted, even so far out from any major towns.

Billy took his sweet time to stop the car and get out. He was still a little more than tweaked that Jill had tried to nail his bouncing buddies with kung-fu action. Maybe...

Popping open the trunk, he reached his tattooed hand in to take her arm. His teeth were clenched from the cold--short sleeve cotton shirts were not meant for this without a jacket.

"C'mon, soldier, lets go," he said as he [attempted] to help her out.

jill_valentine_: Jill glanced up at him, pretty sure that she looked damn awful and before he could grab her arm, she grasped his wrist and very slowly sat up, her free arm shakily taking her bag. Damn it to hell. Why was she cursed when it came to this time of the month? Her only female friend rarely got a pang when it came to hers. She said nothing as she sat up.

billycoen: Once she was sitting up, Billy cringed at what little he could see of her. She did not look happy at all. He reached down and went to get his jacket around her shoulders.

"You might wanna get your belt off before we go in."

He was referring to her police-issue utility belt. He hadn't bothered to make her take it off, mostly because she didn't exactly seem like she was much the threat. Well, yeah, she could probably kick his ass. If she hadn't been in so much shock, and if he hadn't been so warm in that jacket, she probably would have gotten a number of disabling hits in--however, at that moment, he wasn't worried.

"Er... and I do have aspirin..."

Maybe she hadn't been lying about the female thing...

jill_valentine_: Jill simply nodded, fumbled with the belt in the darkness. It was difficult to see with the lack of light and she had to squint, but after a few seconds, the belt came off and was dropped to her side. She wasn't terribly worried about the stranger standing over her. At first she had felt threatened but there was something now that made her realize that he probably did know Claire and that he wasn't a threat.

She smiled weakly, taking her bag once more in her hands.

"I've got it...thanks anyway." She said, hoping that she could get out to get some water and maybe go to the bathroom.

"Where are we?" She asked, sounding more tired than she'd intended too.

billycoen: "Near the Jersey shore, I think."

He easily pulled her out of the trunk, to her feet. She was light--maybe not as light as Rebecca--but lighter than a lot of women. (Again, he thought of his partner. Smaller than Jill, but she had mastered the art of dead weight.)

"And no I'm not lost."

He probably was, but that wasn't the point. As far as he was concerned he was not lost and he would not admit otherwise and he had no intentions for asking directions and he certainly hoped she was wise enough to see that.

"Lets go." He nudged her forward before stripping his own gun out and setting it in the trunk. He slapped the trunk lid shut and went to concealing his knife as he took to walking. "And try not to act like you've been kidnapped, eh?"

jill_valentine_: "I told you, I'm not being kidnapped if I agree to go." Jill said, following slowly behind. She looked around. Ahead of them was what looked like a corner store with a tiny gas station right next door. She could see a sleazy looking older male sales clerk behind the counter leering at a woman probably a year younger than herself as she opened up a fridge. A group of young men lurked around the corner, speaking in what sounded like Spanish. Even though Jill could easily kick their asses, Jill suddenly felt very glad to have the stranger around.

"I just need to get some water.." She uttered, not even realizing that she was walking closer to him now.

billycoen: Billy had taken notice to all the same things as she had, but he didn't seem concerned. Calm and cool, he figured that was the best way to go. Jill was probably jumpy at the moment, and she didn't need him getting antsy, even if she was a 'soldier'. The only thing he was wondering about was why a young woman was there all alone that time of night. He made a mental note to keep an eye on her.

"I'll get you a bottle, then head into the restroom. Hopefully it's on the inside of this place." He did not want to stand outside and wait for her without a jacket.

As he stepped up to the old door leading in, he pulled it open and stepped clear so Jill could enter first.

jill_valentine_: "Yeah...I hope so too." Jill said quietly, making sure not to look at anyone. She was somewhat glad that the stranger had offered to get her a bottle, not particularly wanting to go anywhere near the man at the counter who was now watching her. She scanned the room. Indeed the restroom was inside the small store, a unisex toilet by the faded sign hanging on a rusted nail beside the door. She had her back turned, following Billy when the door opened.

billycoen: Billy went to open the restroom door for her, glancing over at the entrance when the door opened. For a moment he thought that maybe the men from outside were entering, until he saw the shields and cringed. A man with a tattoo spanning an entire arm out at this time of night with an unarmed female police officer from another state? Looking as Jill was at that moment?

He opted to try to act naturally as he looked at Jill and whispered, "Ah. Company."

Fortunately, she was wearing his jacket so her uniform was mostly covered. Mostly.

jill_valentine_: Jill turned around and recognized them both. They both worked with her. They were both acquaintances, the three acknowledging each other with nods but little more. Had they been following them?

"Valentine" One of the cops, a burly, dark haired man with a deep scar down one cheek said in his deep, no fuss tone.

"Michaels..." Jill muttered under her breath.

Oh shit....

billycoen: Billy had a similar thought of panic as Jill, only it was remarkably close to the word "luck". How did she know them? He wondered if they worked in that jurisdiction, or if they had traveled out that way... he was certain--almost certain, anyway--that he hadn't been followed.

"Friends?" Billy muttered, turning to the side to try to hide his tattooed arm. "Christ..."

The second cop, a smaller man in comparison to the first, but by no means a physical pushover, hooked a thumb on his police belt and watched Jill and Billy.

"What's up, Valentine? Why're you way out here?" he asked, his eyes trailing to Billy then.

jill_valentine_: Michaels nodded to the second cop’s question. "We got a message that your car was left at work...so what's going on? Who's your friend?"

Jill took a deep breath, her mind racing. As much as she wanted to go home with these guys, she still had that feeling that what the stranger had said to her earlier about Claire was truth, and that he was not dangerous at all.

"Workmates." Jill muttered back to Billy and then glanced at the two men, swinging one arm over the strangers shoulder with a smile.

"Guys. This is just a good friend of mine!" She said.

billycoen: Billy blinked, and then nodded, very slowly.

"Yeah... We went to, ah, high school together."

Yeah. That's right... The second cop nodded slowly as well, but his eyes hadn't moved from Billy.

"What's his name then, Valentine?" he asked, like it was a trick question.

And it kind of was, and Billy cringed. He had yet to tell her his name... 'This is gonna turn ugly...' he thought to himself.

jill_valentine_: Michaels frowned as Jill opened her mouth to speak.

'Quick Jilly! Think!"

She quickly uttered something that made Michaels grimace a bit, leaning forward.

"What?" The cop grunted.

"His name, Michaels, is Johnny Treloer" She said. "And he was the best footballer there was on the team at my high school!"

billycoen: The second cop quirked an eyebrow. Billy felt the urge to slap his own forehead. Of all the names...

"That's right," 'Johnny' said.

"Right..." the second cop said patiently. He took a step towards Billy. Something wasn't feeling right to him. "May I see your ID, buddy?"

Billy took a step back, turning to face them fully and coughed as he responded, "Left it in the car, sorry."

He smiled like a pro, but was in reality really worried. Of course "Johnny Treloer" was not the name on his ID... He began to wonder if yelling about jurisdiction and laws protecting his privacy would make them go away.

jill_valentine_: Jill hesitated for a moment but then wrapped both arms around him, hugging him sideways and while resting her head on his shoulder.

"Come on guys. Leave him alone." She frowned.

"All we want to see is some ID..." Michaels grunted again, his face still stiff.

"Guys!" Jill snapped. "It's okay! Johnny was due to pick me up from my place tonight. We were going to go on holiday together..." Everything was coming out smoothly from the top of her head. So smoothly in fact that she surprised herself. "But he got a phone call that a mutual friend was really sick up and hospitalized in DC...an emergency so we left to go up there straight away.."

She hoped they'd believe her.

billycoen: The second cop didn't seem amused as he once again hooked his thumb in his belt. "We had a wino report he threw you into the trunk of his car after the two of you pulled guns on one another."

With a faint chuckle, Billy shook his head. He hadn't really moved to touch Jill at all, because he didn't want to seem too obvious--he was not an actor. At least not like this. Playing the villain, sure, but this? No way.

"Nononono, Jill and I do that, you know? The guns weren't loaded."

The second cop scoffed him and looked at Jill. "Can we speak to you, Valentine? In private?" he asked, gesturing outside.

jill_valentine_: Jill smirked at "Johnny", letting go of him.

"We were just playing! As he said, we always do silly things like that...come ON Michaels.." She ignored the second cop, he was known to pressure when it came to questioning.
"Would I LIE?"

"Just come outside...now." Michaels said gruffly.
Jill placed her hand on her hip and shook her head defiantly.

billycoen: The second cop clenched his jaw, "Valentine," he insisted roughly.

"Yo, what's the problem?" "Johnny" asked, now folding his arms over his chest. "She doesn't want to. Lets not make an issue of it, the lady has to use the restroom. Look..." Billy rose his voice so the one clerk and the stray woman could hear. "Would you really like to conduct a search of my car? Even though we are wayyy out of your jurisdiction and therefore I could have a dead body in there and even if I consented to a legal search it wouldn't be legal?"

He had a lot of time to study law at one point. That was the same point he never believed it'd lead to anything useful. It was just to pass the time. Boy was it paying off now though. Especially when seeing how uncomfortable the second cop appeared. Part of him felt bad. They did follow them out of concern for her. Then again, what cop goes that far out of their precinct without alerting local authorities, he wondered? He'd ask later, he figured.

jill_valentine_: "Look, we're just concerned. okay?"

Jill smiled, was more so forcing the smile as she watched them.
"I don't know who called you two out here, but I'm safe. Really." She said gently.

"Fine...but we're calling you later tomorrow." Michaels said, watching "Johnny" warily before thumbing for his partner to follow.

billycoen: The second cop lingered, glaring at Billy still, before turning and following Michaels out; every once in a while he glanced back at the two.

"I'll make sure to burn her alive in the incinerator after the call then!" Billy wanted to call after them, but he did not want them coming back.

The idea of shouting something stupid like that was written all over his face as he turned to Jill.

"Heh, need that water still?" he asked, hoping they wouldn't come back--or go look at his car.

jill_valentine_: Jill smirked again, poking him playfully. One final act for her role as the best friend from high school.

"Of course...Johnny.." She said. "Hey, I'm sorry about that. I had to come up with something!" She said that last part as a whisper as she heard the stores door close.

billycoen: "...damn, Claire knows weird people," he muttered, walking past.

It was well humored, however, and he wore a slight smirk as he pulled a water bottle from the refrigerator and went to pay for it from the sleazy clerk. The stray woman was now lingering around the magazine section. He didn't waste time talking to the clerk, who was pretty quiet anyway other than asking if that was it and giving him the total. In a few minutes, Billy was back over by Jill, handing her the water in silence.

jill_valentine_: "Thanks." Jill said taking it from him. "I think I'll take my aspirin in private." She said noticing the creepy clerk staring at her again. "I'll be quick." She said, placing her hand on the door to open it.

billycoen: "And I'll be here," he said, going to lean on the narrow, but bare, wall by the door. "Take your time, soldier."

Yeah, he liked calling her that. It didn't seem to bother her either. So he didn't worry about it--he just hoping she wouldn't try to escape through a window or something. Sure, she had her chance with her fellow officers there, but she was a woman and therefore unpredictable as hell for all he was concerned.

jill_valentine_: She shut the door behind her, scanning the room. Four empty stalls. Good. Placing her bag beside the sink, she rummaged, finding the aspirin box and popping out two tablets. Still holding them in the palm of her hand, she uncapped the water, placed the tablets in her mouth and took a large gulp of water, feeling the tablets slide down her throat. In about 15 minutes, she'd be feeling better...
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